About Us

Sri Lakshmi Public School started under Danavanthri Educational trust, was established in the year 2008 with an aim to start educational institutions to provide quality educations to student's community with affordable fee and to uplift the students from lower strata of the society. The above-mentioned institutions are established in our land of 8 acres and all of them have separate well-built buildings. Buildings are constructed according to the government norms. The institutions are provided with necessary infrastructure, labs, library, playground etc.


Our School


Pre School

The Early Years Program is a blend of experiential learning and a gradual building up of skills for the Foundation Years. While we realise the importance of nurturing the natural curiosity of a child and letting every child develop and learn at their own pace, we also believe in step by step building up of skills so that the child is ready to take on the academic and other challenges of a higher grade. Our early years program is testimony of that.

Pre School

The Primary School is an integrated health and education model serving children, and their families, from birth through the transition to high school.

 At our school we aim to develop all children so that they are "the best that we can be" by recognizing and building upon their strengths, identifying their needs and ensuring that these are met.

Every child coming into the school brings with them a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world around them, and together we aim to build on these skills and encourage them to develop a willingness and enthusiasm to discover more.

Pre School

The Middle School will provide relevant and engaging instruction while holding students to high academic standards. School will stress the importance of effective communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking to develop the whole child to become life-long learners and responsible and active global citizens.

Pre School

We provide a balanced educational programme within a safe and stimulating environment, so that each child embarks on a physical, intellectual and social journey of curiosity and reasoning. Harvest thus offers a comprehensive and a balanced curriculum which is designed to make learning enjoyable, activity-based and experimental, preparing every student for higher challenges. During these important years, the focus is both on the curriculum as well as the development of intricate skills like critical thinking, solving real life issues while developing independence and wisdom.

Safety In School

Our entire campus is under CCTV surveillance to enable monitoring and to ensure safety.​

Children are provided with RO purified water.

All our corridors are made of anti-skid flooring, to ensure the physical safety of children. Each floor has a Fire Extinguisher in case of fire emergencies.

New notification system that allows schools to make quick and hassle free communication with parents or guardians.

We have a fully-equipped Multi-Specialty hospital, to address emergency health issues.

Orientation on child physical abuse is given to all students and staff to ensure the safety of all concerned.


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